Dumbfounded and Aghast, Vol 2

EDITOR: Little Miss Apple Tree
Publisher and Chief: Dr Elwood

From the Desk of the Editor:

The Good Doctor is in the Big House Clinic conducting extensive research into what was at first thought to be a rare form of mental illness. People were exhibiting habitual bouts of neurotic symptoms; Dumbfoundedness and Acute Aghastness, at the seemingly atrocities encountered in every day occurrences.

However, experiments are revealing that what was at first thought was considered to be neurotic symptoms, although conspicuous and extremely distressing they are not our enemy, they are our friends it seems. When there are symptoms there is conflict, and conflict always indicates that the forces of life which strive for the true integration and happiness are fighting. Therefore the true hopeless victims of mental illness are found in those who appear to be most normal. They are normal, however, only in relation to a profoundly abnormal society. Those who made the perfect adjustments to the abnormalities live without experiencing any symptoms of Dumbfoundedness and Aghastness in their perfectly abnormal abnormalities of illusions. They no longer cherish even the illusion of individuality. Having been deindividualized by conformity they developed into uniformity. And uniformity and mental health are incompatible.

Physically and mentally each of us is a unique individual. Any culture in the interest of efficiency or the name of political or religious dogma seeks to standardize the human individual, committing an outrage against our human biological nature to be an individual.

When we exhibit the symptoms of Dumbfoundedness and Aghastness, our biological nature is fighting these dehumanizing efforts of conformity to the abnormalities of society.

Keep in mind Ivan Pavlov’s experiments with condition reflexes. Coping with intolerable situations for extended periods of time can cause the brain to go on strike (shut down) you may behave unrealistically and/or develop hysterical behavior. You could also develop a number of disabling psychophysical symptoms, such as temporary unconsciousness, extreme agitation. lethargy, functional blindness or paralysis, completely unrealistic responses to the challenge of events, strange reversals of life long patterns of behavior, individual limits of endurance will vary by individuals. Psychotics’ and the collectively insane are immune to the painful consequences of ignoring the symptoms of Dumbfoundedness and Agastness, the damage is already beyond repair. Please Take head from such unfortunates!!

If you would Like to know more on the adverse consequences of ignoring the symptoms of this rare form of humanness please let us know. Send your request along with Donation to the Dumbfounded and Aghast Foundation (to help the good doctor in his life saving research). Please make your money order out to: Aubrey Elwood 268390-64 and send to the Lock box Address, as there is a full time staff standing by to take your money orders. It would really be nice if you could send small money orders and lots of them. I would like to know they were earning those big Government checks 🙂

Thank you and good day.

Peace and Light
Editor and Chief(today)
Miss Apple Tree

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