Magic From The Little Table

There is a new forbidden fruit ‘Prayer’ and it grows from the God tree. Both tree and fruit have so many connotations they cast a wide spectrum of vastly different meanings. Pure white light dispersed through beliefs, arranged and scattered, dissipated into dissimulation.

Prayer usually implies that one who prays is powerless. In service to or beholden to the powers that be or some God of heaven, or some other far off place outside ones own self. Who chooses upon whom it bestows its favors or help upon.

In my heart I have always felt an inexplicable unity with life. I always have been, therefore I always will be, has been my philosophy since I can remember. It has always dispelled such illusions as the apple. I think therefore I am. I think and my thoughts become things.

Every decision I ever made, every course of action I took was the direct result of my beliefs. Was I lucky or jinxed? was I healthy or sick? was i popular or despised? As I believed so it was and so it will be. Thoughts are things.

The ball and chain that have bound me to a prison cell for almost 50 years are none other than Beliefs. The good news now is that beliefs can elevate me to higher and higher levels of awareness. Empowering me to live my dreams, now and even here in a prison cell.

We all write our own stories just as surely as I set here writing these lines now from a prison cell. The rules on what the story is, are simply beliefs. I have changed all the rules in the twinkling of an eye. Now I question all things even the core beliefs. I strive to understand my own confused self in my own way. I have found certain knowable truths about my reality, truths which reveal just how powerful I really am. It’s seek and you shall find… that we live in a truly magical Universe, one in which we think our life into existence.

I believe in magic, I believe in imagination. Please join me in this rendezvous. Be creative …and think your life of your dreams into existence. It’s not about willing our thoughts, it’s not about competing with each other it’s about CREATING …one thought at a time the life we dream.

Sweetness & Light
Aubrey Elwood

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