Theory of crops and harvests

The Dumbfounded and Aghast Series, Vol 1, No. 8

You can take nothing and make something. That is the theory I am attempting to perfect at this time. I have experienced some seemingly very significant failures, losses and bitter disappointments. I have had a difficult life, that is an understatement for sure. However, being the remarkable (resilience at bouncing back from adversity) individual that I am, I have discovered that by focusing my attention on the things which are in my control – my attitude mostly – I am able to see failure as my crop! – quite a field of it actually – if I water it with creative vision and cultivate it with love and gratitude, from my crop of failures I can harvest the seeds for success. In this case the seed falls far-far-away from the stalks.

So what i am going to do folks is offer you this dramatic, revolutionizing three-part-series as a special addition to the Dumbfounded and Aghast series. I want you to prepare for this by tilling the soil so to speak and be ready for our next meeting right Here (unless you move of course) I will furnish everything we will need (nothing). You need only supply the failures and together we are going to make something from nothing.

Part one will be: Meaning
Part two will be: Thought process training
Part three will be: Into Action The-Do-It-Now-Mode

Get ready Folks this is it and it is gonna be Big

Remember: Be Bold… Be Audacious…, but in small steps

Peace & Light
Dr Elwood P. Crook, Ad. D

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