Update on Miss Apple

Good morning from the Big house!! Miss Apple Tree has survived another night here at the Big House. She now has two tiny new leaves. Unlike the two baby leaves these are long and pointy and have a fine lace like fringe around them.

She has had her morning shower and is drained now back all cozy in her hiding spot waiting on the sun to make its appearance. She is one week old today! You might want to note on your calendars that she was born 1-19-17. I am sure she would welcome your cards (ah.. not made from tree stuff, please!) for special occasions and her birthday’s. You can send them in care of me for now.

I realize how stressful it must be awaiting the latest updates on Miss Apple Tree’s welfare each morning as she bravely faces another day of lurking peril here in the Big House. Who knows what Scalawag or Scoundrel will discover her and… well…confound, astonish and horrify you with their acts of death and destruction, where here deep in the dark shadows evil lurks in the heart of… Wait There is a guard putting on gloves and heading to …. Yes my cell… Will Miss Apple survive?

I’ll Be back…
To Be Continued…

Peace & Light

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