Thik Krust Pete’s A’h

Today we make da Thik Krust Pete’s A’h. That’s French for pie I think.

Your gonna need some crackers bout 1 of them square packages. 1 of the Ramen noodles And some dry Kreamer dat you put in coffee bout 6 able spoons of it. Then some that dry chopped garlic you get at commissary or some real pilfered garlic tooths.

You mash up the crackers and Ramen then put in a sack and beat with brogan heel until fine crumbs are left. Then put in the rest of the stuff and shake into corner of pilfered trash sack. Pour in bout ½ cup of warm water and mash into dough. Take out of trash sack and flatten on top of trash sack pull part of sack over dough and mash some more. Divide in to two kinda squares. Now cut some cardboard squares that fit in mike-row-wave put plastic sack over them and place dough on em. Put em in the mike-roe-wave and cook 3 min each.

Now your gonna need som tomater paste from the kitchen. Or some real tomaters so you can make your own. You gonna need one of them hot beef sausage they sell on commissary. And 6 crackers and one or two tbs of that chili garlic sauce they sell and one onion from the kitchen. Have the onion cut up in the kitchen so it can be easy to hide down in your pants. Those whole onions will get you frisked every time they spot you with a big lump down in your pants. You gonna need some cheese too.

Now slice your hot beef sausage with your id card then clean it to get all the grease off it. Slice it thin.

To grate the cheese you need a hair net from the kitchen you stretch it over a bowl pull down outside bowl to bottom like a drum with the net over the top. Stretch real tight and start scraping cheese brick across it until cheese is all shreaded. When using a hair net be sure to pick out loose hair before you start and always wash yer hands.

Now mix all that together except the cheese then sash up the crackers and put in it. Cook in mike-roe-wave bout 2 min. in mike-roe-wave bowl.

Now put some paste on the Thick Krust Pete’s A’h dough what you already done cooked. Then sprinkle on som onions what’s already been diced and som slices of the hot beef sausage that already been sliced up then ad som cheese what has already been shreaded. Keep it up till you run out a stuff then cook each Thik Krust Pete’s A’h for bout 2 min. You can sell one for cost of pilfering and commissary items and eat one for free!

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