What makes the …

“Tis mind that makes the body rich,” says Shakespeare. Think of money as water flowing down a mountain stream. There is a fall where the stream hits the water wheel that powers your mind, a dynamo constantly producing ideas the world needs. Thoughts and plans that are necessary to the great scheme of things. Money is power, but needs your ideas to be of use to the world. Niagara Falls would be of little use, were it not for the generators that line her banks. The water needs generators to make use of gravity. Money needs you so that your ideas can become a service to humanity.

Money at itself is just so much wasted energy without having a task to perform.Ideas provide the outlet-the-means by which money provides a service. I have learned that to develop ideas, secure in the knowledge that money is always looking for such an outlet. Once ideas are perfected, the money appears, without giving conscious effort; unless I cloud things up with doubt and fear.

Find something that the world needs, if only an interesting service and desire will set forces in motion (like gravity) and dollars will flow to you. The more you offer, the more riches will flow to you. Money is worthless paper with no value except in exchange.

When you get in touch with Infinite Supply you realize its not money you have to seek but a way in which to use money for the advantage of the world. You must find a need and fill it. When you set about supplying a need, have confidence that when you have found the way, money will flow freely to and through you. Do your part and Universal Mind will provide the means.

The Idea that you may “do any right thing” must be planted firmly in your mind. Then start, set your goal, make everything you do, all your work, all your study all your associates be in step towards your goal.

Every thing needed to fulfill your desire is already in the desire itself. Much the same as in the acorn’s desire to be a mighty oak tree. In that first germ of life that landed here on planet earth; 2 million or 50,000,000 million years ago was the idea-desire of every living thing that ever was or ever will be. Dividing, multiplying, growing changing ever changing in form. the same but different; invisible, indestructible, immortal, Spirit-Life-Desire.


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