Coffee, Koffie, Ciahwa

In looking into Koffie, I found some interesting things over the years. Like the word Tip is related to the coffee world. Seems Old London Coffeehouses had these little brass boxes on the tables that were etched with the words “To Insure Promptness.” Even Mr. Lloyd started Lloyd’s insurance company in one of the coffee houses.

In America all the Universities had coffee houses around them. Coffeehouses have always been where intellectuals gathered for stimulating discussions over a stimulating drink Koffie. Did I say I Like coffee? I Like Coffee a lot. They also say a Genus coffea tree is a bush. I guess maybe a short tree/bush. The kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee. Sells for up to 60 dollars a pound. It’s not a special species of koffie but seems it passes through the wild cat of Sumatra! I assume only the excreted bean from the wild cat taste best or they would be raising these cats for production of Kopi Luwak Koffie.

Koffie is psychoactive. It can make you see things. Great inventors saw things, then designed them. Most were coffee drinkers. The French Philosopher was said to have drank around 50 cups of coffee a day. Did I say I Really like coffee? It’s good stuff.

Did I ever say “I like coffee or koffie!” Well I like koffie a lot. In fact one day I am going to write a whole book about koffie. One of those pretty books you put on the coffee table.

Who started this thing with koffie? Some legends have it that some goats in Ethiopia ate the beans. Other Legends say it was the monks who lived in caves and wanted to stay up praying ate some koffie beans and zap up all night. Other Legends say it was Sheep herders who discovered the effects of koffie and caffeine. Did I mention I like coffee? Well, I Like it a lot.

They say As Long As Anyone knows, wrote Shehabeddi Ben in the 15th century, Ethiopians have enjoyed coffee. Then the Turkish introduced it to the Europeans who also liked it and they (The Dutch) introduced Koffie into Java around 1714. Some French guy planted some cuttings of a coffee tree on the island of Martinique. Soon Plantations grew from France to Brazil and Central America

The coffee bean comes from a cherry on a “genus” coffea tree (probably why koffie makes you smart). They say a tree grows about 2 pounds a year. There over 25 species of coffee.

The Italian government Regulates espresso as it’s considered an essential part of daily life. It seems to be important stuff in ancient Arab culture. The only way a woman could divorce her husband was if he didn’t provide enough coffee. I think that is still true in the USA. And for those who micro manage their fat calories: brewed espresso has 2.5% fat while filtered coffee has .6% fat.

If you want to know the history of the word “coffee” well its Arabic: Qahhwat al-bun or “wine of the bean” shortened to Qahwa. Then the Turkish borrowed it Kahive. Borrowed by the Dutch “Koffie” then English coffee.

There was a French Doctor in the 1600s who suggested Café Au Lait for patients, which inspired adding milk to their coffee. If you take black coffee and pour in some milk you can watch the mantle effect of the earth’s cooling effect of the action of the heat flowing from the core to the crust. See the swirl from the bottom to the top that is how the earth’s continual cooking effect transpires.

Now think of sitting drinking your morning cup of koffie setting on earth with the great mantle effect transpiring under you and at the same time you are hurling through space on a trip around the sun at about 67,000 miles an hour and you can enjoy it all sitting perfectly at rest and never spill a drop.

Did I tell you I like coffee? I Like Coffee a Lot. They now have an important Holiday, it was Thursday September 29 National Coffee Day I’m glad. Did I tell you…


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