Crookbook: SHU Sole Candie

We gonna make som dezert now! What I call SHU-Sole-Candie looks like a shu sole. Tough as a shu sole but taste like am-bro-zh. Thats a fancy Roman name for God’s Food. So you know its gonna be good!

Your gonna need to be ready on pancake day with som containers to pilfer som syrup from the chow hall. Bout two of them squeeze cheese bottles. You gonna need to get som sugar from the bakery bout ½ cup or so. Som creamer the kind what goes in coffee 2 tbs some butter bout & of them little slices. And some honey bout 4 tbs. Then 3 big spoons of peanut butter. And a little salt.

Put syrup in mike-ro-wave bowl and cook in mike-ro-wave for 20 min. Take out and stir ever so often. Add sugar, creamer, butter, honey and a little salt. Cook some more in mike-ro-wave, bout 6 min. Stirring a lot during this process. Take out molten condition and stir in the peanut butter. Now spread trash sack (large one) on your cell floor and pour the whole concoction out onto sack. Should make a puddle bout ¼” thick about 2 foot square. Let cool the cut up or tear up, break up or whatever you need to do to get into small pieces. You can wrap some in plastic from trash sack. Use the top side if you can to go next to candy. Sell some, eat some. Its really good!

Warning my neighbor has dentures and bit into some and had to soak them three days to get em seperated. If you need to glue anything to the wall or your locker, it works well for that too!


I have also found its great in the summer. Just wipe a few pieces with a wet rag and put on your locker and catch them pesky flies, small mouses, roaches and ants.

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  1. beeshebags says:

    Hey Cowboy! OMG I’m laughing at the thought of the dentures needing soaking, that’s classic. Do you really heat the syrup in the nuklifier for 20 mins? That seems a little extreme lol



    1. The SHU Sole candy really did stick the dentures and He was afraid they would break before they came loose so he soaked them… for two days. The S syrup here is so watered down it takes that long to thicken up a little. Plus the Mike Roe Wave is really old. When it’s gone there will be no more as they have cut them from the budget. I am at work on finding new methods of cooking now. I think the Clothes Dryer is the next in line for heating up some criminally delicious meals here in the Big House.

      Thanks for your comments I hope one day there will be many who are engaged in this project.



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