If Only…

Within these 80 acres surrounded by double rows of chain link fence topped with endless coils of spiraling razor wire that glint in the twenty four hour light, live about one thousand prisoners. The staff, they come and go in shifts or terms. Only us prisoners remain, year after year. At times there have been some strange visitors to our side of the fence…

Just last week a large crane or heron appeared and awkwardly walked around on stilt like legs. Apparently finding nothing of interest on our side of the fence she bowed down at the knees, then rose gracefully into the air and glided magnificently over the fence…

Standing there witnessing her graceful departure from our carceral domain, I heard a sigh and noticed there were several other prisoners who had stopped to watch. Each had that rapturous look on his face, a slight bow at the knees, slightly raised arms, parted lips; If only I could fly…

Peace & Light

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