So Much Like Me

From cracks in the bark of tree branches they fall… to the ground and burrow down. For 13 years in the south to 17 years in the north they remain underground; curling clawing, and clutching at roots, groping in utter darkness, blindly sucking the sap of tree roots.

Then on the appointed dark April night (be it 13 or17 years, or does it even matter) all at once they come digging into the air! Inching there way up a tree or bush until they abruptly stop then arching, clinching the bark with all their might they expand until their skin splits down their backs! Emerging as an adult Cicada, leaving behind an inch long brown, translucent, curved and segmented shrimp looking shrine of its past imprisonment.

You might see an adult Cicada. A large glittering black and green insect with veined transparent wings folded upon their backs with bright glowing eyes. You never see a living Nymph. They live underground blindly groping…

The adult Cicada lives only long enough to lay its eggs in the cracks of the bark of tree limbs. Thus begins another 13 or 17 years or does it really even matter. Groping blindly in the dark.

Love & Light

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