My success formula

Today’s Cowboy News and Muse
From The Big House To Your House
With A Pen-on-fire

Todays Cowboy Philosopy: “Timing… has a lot to do with the outcome of a rain dance”

It would be easy for me to engage in the actions of those who rage against the daily injustice that prison has on their lives in here. I am also sick and tired of being degraded, dehumanized and exploited along with the rest of the prisoners in America.

However my approach to the unjust incarceration of the mentally ill focuses on changing the public image of us. Not to generate sympathy or concern for those who have no mental illness or dual disorder. That is a subject completely out of my area of expertise.

I have assumed my rightful life as a successful person who has a mental illness. Although I am in prison I can still be of service to others through my inspirational writing. Why would I want to wait until I get out to attempt a successful writing career? There is no magic door to walk through when leaving prison, if nothing changes, nothing changes.

All change comes from within and begins with that eternal question “how can I better my conditions?” That question has haunted me through years of hopeless struggle and dying ambitions, Then one day a tiny spark lit a candle at the center of my being that somehow, someway gave impetus to those long forgotten desires of success and sent me down the road to success. That power is Belief-faith in myself. Someone, something, gave me a new belief in myself a new faith in my power to succeed against all odds. I suddenly leaped up from a would be grave and wrung success from seemingly certain defeat.

After 60 years of self-defeating thoughts an idea dropped into my mind and immediately set to illuminating thoughts and a belief in myself. That knowledge was literally a gift from the Gods. I was enabled to solve problems for myself that had before baffled me. I had become the incurable optimist that I am today. It was through that door of illumination, I walked a living, breathing transformation of a dead Aubrey to the living Aubrey. Awakening to the realization that all things are attainable by me. It is in the mind that health, life and boundless opportunity are realities. They are Real!

I brought all my thoughts, desires, aims and talents into the consciousness of good, the law of infinite supply. Everything involved in my supply is first a thought. I know I am entitled to adequate provisions. I must stretch my mind beyond the unworthy beliefs and try to comprehend unlimited thought, unlimited supply. Expecting only good; I gain a mental attitude of constant belief in the resources and willingness of a universe helping me. I plant the seed of desire and nourish it with clear visualization of the finished picture, water it with sincere faith and leave the means with the universe.

Peace & Light

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