Today’s cowboy philosophy: The only job where you start at the top is digging a hole.

The man who acquires the ability to take full possession of his own mind may take possession of everything to everything else to which he is justly entitled. Andrew Carnegie

Just how does one take possession – full possession – of their own mind? Ol’ Webster says possession is: 1: control or occupancy of property 2: Ownership 3: something owned 4: dominated by something (as evil spirit, a passion or an idea) 5: self-control.

If it is, as has been said “That all problems have within them all that is needed for a solution,” or maybe it was that the formulation of a problem is more important than its solution. I know Plato said “The first and best victory is to conquer self.” I think they are both hinting at the same result being achieved.

So let’s start with self as my experience usually proves this to be the biggest obstacle when it comes to ah, well… dealing with self.

If we stay wit ol’ Webster, which is usually a good choice, the first is to control or occupy, and in the instant case we are speaking of mind. So, to control or occupy or mind is our objective. I have heard the expression that “the light is on, but no one’s home.” I guess that is the occupy part. Now we come to controlling of our mind. Now we are getting somewhere as everyone likes to control things.

Ol’ Webster says mind. 1: Memory 2: the part of an individual that feels, perceives, thinks, wills and espouses reasons 3: intentions, desire 4: normal mental condition 5: opinion, view 6: mood 7: mental qualities of a person or group 3: intellectual ability.

O.K. now we know why there is a light on with no one home. That is overwhelming to say the least. Where does one start at taking full possession of such a vast empire? Mind! I would guess, assuming of course at some point in time we lost possession somehow or ‘nother. Or in the alternative, something has taken possession of / in it i.e. an evil spirit as ol’ Webster mentioned.

Now I ain’t never been to a school but I’m pretty good at the reasoning part. It has been my experience that when we have “a great idea dominating” it takes possession of our mind. We have used the reasoning and idea part of the definition of possession. We are almost there. Now, let’s look to see what ol’ Webster says about idea: a plan for action. 1: Design 2: Something imagined or pictured in the mind 3: a central meaning or purpose, conception, notion, impression.

For me it comes down to having an idea that we are passionate about. That in and on itself will bring us into a full possession of your mind. So long as it is something we are justly entitled to.

In following this line of reasoning we can come into possession of our mind. Self-control is like balance in riding a bike. It’s not something one must consciously do like pedaling or steering, it’s what happens when you do the other parts. The same is true with an idea, a vision.

Peace & Light

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