November 28, 2016

News Alert from the Big House

Because of the nature of this developing story I could not make you wait for a regular edition of Cowboy News and Muse.

Federal Officials are questioning commercial manufacturers of fiber optic cable, concerning a major espionage investigation into a newly discovered hybrid fiber optics. There are rumors at the Big House level that the entire infrastructure underlying all trade secrets of all American Manufacturers is at risk of collapsing.

A sophisticated system producing fiber optic cables has been stumbled upon. Federal agents immediately seized the entire operation and have it contained some place on the island of Cuba probably Guantanamo Bay.

However at the time this goes to post a High Ranking official here at the Big House who does not want to be identified has stated “The Feds don’t have much to go on with the allegations of espionage as the Lowly Culprit, an Ocean Sponge, is a pretty rudimentary life form and has been producing this fiber optics for well over a million years now. Although the highly developed form of fiber optics cannot be duplicated by humans as the Sponge has not been able to be coerced or intimidated into divulging its secrets to those who would mass market it to companies that provide a paid per minute service to the Inmate Population of the Federal Bauru of prisons.” Other sources say Corrlinks was the one responsible for the federal investigation.

Tell everyone that you heard it first from the Ol’ Cowboy himself who never sleeps protecting the sacred trust you gave him.

Peace & Light

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