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From The Big House To your House
Today’s cowboy Philosophy : “Don’t squat with yer spurs on”

Each morning I wake up before the crack of dawn I’m standing there by the door chomping at the bit like a horse at the starting gate waiting for that “CLACK” ( the turning of the key) which means my door is open. I’m off to get hot water for my coffee along with about 30 other inmates then its a rush to the computer stations as there is 5 of them for a 128 inmates who don’t (thankfully) wake up at 5:30 AM. Once I get one and all the numbers entered 17 in all put my thumb on the print scanner and wait for the light to turn green, hit enter and Presto ! I’m In ! Now there is a screen that has all the normal stuff on it you can check your balance , buy tru-link credits put money on your phone account even send money for books . There in the upper left hand corner is the important part where it says YOU HAVE ( ) Messages all lit up in bright blue letters, if you have messages, if you don’t you can go to public messages and read the old ones. For me I find it just amazing ! To have a message makes my heart smile.

I have been here since 2010 but only in the last 16 months have I had any contact with the free world ( what I call “Out There”) as even when I was out, it was beyond me. I just kinda stood on the outside and looked in. I wondered where all the people were going in such a hurry all the time. Being homeless there is just no big hurry, you just kinda sorta drift along with no particular place to be.

Now recently I have found some people who have taken me into their circle, Truly wonderful people! For now I don’t have the words to describe the way I feel, and I consider myself a writer. Just to hear how they are doing what their dogs or cats are doing Ahhh those are now the moments I live for. It gives me this sense of belonging some place. Each day ever so slowly I’m starting to believe that just maybe there is a little place “Out There” For me to belong. I have lived my life in a cell 6 ft by 10 ft or homeless “Out there”.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for my little home here in prison. Most inmates call my little desk a shrine as I am surrounded there by pictures of my friends and their dogs and cats. There are post cards from far away places and at the very top is a picture of an old log cabin People ask was I raised there? “Nope but I plan on growing older there.” It has a rusty old tin roof a long front porch and firewood stacked there. Its like an old pair of boots ran down a little at the heels But real comfortable, dry inside with a big fireplace, a wall filled with book shelves all filled with books. My dream Home. There in the corner is an old desk with a computer where I sit and stay in touch with the world. I sit for hours and write stuff for people to read. Why I make em laugh out loud and sometimes make em cry not meaning to. Then I make em jump up and drop their book and shout! They plumb forget they were just reading a book. From my captain chair I can go back to the beginning of time or blast in to the future. I have over a million friends on facebook and enough money to make sure no one goes to bed hungry as I have already made sure every one has a bed and roof over their head.

Its a full time job keeping in touch with over 2 million friends even though some are cats and dogs. But I love it. Why I’ll probably live to be 120 years old now that my life is so full and wonderful.

Then some one kicks my chair “Old man you gonna use that computer or take a nap?” I open my eyes and I see the Bright Blue Lights saying You have 1 message! Now am I Blessed or what! You have made it possible for this old man to dream!!

Peace & Light
Aubrey Elwood 26839064
PO Box 5000
Sheridan OR 97378

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  1. bdaguy61 says:

    A very insightful piece

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